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éegholm switchboards

Swichboards and proces automation

For more than 30 years, we have played a significant role in the development of switchboards and process automation for industrial and maritime applications

Electrical motors, gears and frequency converters

We offer a wide and flexible range of mechanical and electrical transmissions for industrial and marine applications. In close cooperation with you we find a controlled and precise transmission.

éegholm switchboards
éegholm switchboards

Electrical components and enclosures

A wide and versatile component program, which can control, protect, regulate and monitor electrical systems and motors – as well as a complete program in enclosures, cables and wires.

Smoke and natural ventilation

Wide product range in smoke and heat extraction systems and ventilation systems. We offer assistance in connection with the calculation and dimensioning of window control systems.

éegholm switchboards

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Sabrina den Hertog

Sabrina den Hertog

Sales & Logistics Manager

M +45 4212 9892

Erling Refsgaard

Erling Refsgaard

Head of Department

M +45 2463 6634

Eegholm a/s

Grundtvigs Alle 165

DK-6400 Sønderborg


T +45 73121212