Business idea

Customized hardware development (microprocessor technology) for niche areas within operation and monitoring.

Customized software development. Windows control platform, data communications, remote installations and minor administrative systems.

Business Areas: Industrial Automation and Transport on an OEM Basis (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Customized control solutions – often the cost-effektive alternativ

Experience tells us that at larger batches it is often more cost-effective to develop a customized control solution rather than assembling several standard components.


  • We have a thorough knowledge from various industries.
  • We analyze our customer’s needs thoroughly and develop the best, cheapest and most reliable solutions.
  • We develop and produce printed circuits with microprocessor controls or PC-solutions for user-friendly interface and data processing as an add-on to the customer’s own product. Eegholm supplies combined solutions.
  • Customized control solutions are often more compact and thereby easier to apply into machines and plants.

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