Special competences


  • PC-Solutions (programmes) with user-friendly interfaces (GUI) for control and monitoring.
  • Communication with hardware and other computer systems.
  • Data Management, databases and report generation.


We have more than 20 years of experience with systems for cash and card machines and software for data communication, administration and monitoring.

Keywords: credit cards, chip cards, identification, security, encryption, monetary transactions, PBS, data communication, protocols (i.e. LonWorks, IFSF and TCP/IP), high reliability, daily records, accounts and databases, etc.

LonWorks is a leading network concept developed by Echelon Corporation. LonWorks builds a flexible solution where one control point can communicate and co-operate with any other control point. With LonWorks different media, i.e. “twisted pairs”, “RF” or “power line” can be virtually integrated in any combination.

Customized controls of DC motors and stepper motors with specific space or price requirements. Requirements are met by constructing a customized control for DC motors or stepper motors with required features satisfying the customers. Purchasing larger quantities (including development) will be cheaper than a standard solution.

Customized controls can be used in areas with requirements for speed and torque, and output regulation – for example for a caravan mover.

We offer an overall solution consisting of control cabinets and motors based on our customer’s detailed specifications.

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